Al Tajamouat for Touristic Projects

On 31 May 2013, the Group acquired an additional stake of 4.17% stake in Al-Tajamouat for Touristic Project Company, bringing its overall shareholding to 50.63%, and resulting in Al-Taj becoming a subsidiary. 

The Al-Tajamouat for Touristic Projects Company operates in the leisure and recreation sector of Jordan. The Company owns and operates the Al-Tajamouat Lifestyle Centre (Al Taj), the premier upscale shopping mall and entertainment complex in Amman, Jordan. Al Taj is located in the Abdoun District of Amman, Jordan, which is a prestigious, mainly residential neighbourhood to the south of the city centre.

Launched in 2012, Al Taj is now fully operational, and has achieved an occupancy rate of 96 per cent at premium lease rates, with significant interest in the remaining space. One of the highest yielding shopping malls in the Middle East region, its footfall has more than doubled since opening.