Products & Transactions

  • Bahrain Financing Company

    In January 2009, Bank Alkhair successfully completed its acquisition of Bahrain Financing Company (BFC).....More

  • T'azur

    Bank Alkhair is the Originator and Lead Sponsor of T’azur, a new regional Takaful group with an authorized capital of US$500 million offering family (life) medical and general Takaful business lines.....More

  • Open-Silicon

    Based in Milpitas, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Open-Silicon, Inc. (Open-Silicon) is a market leader in chip design and outsourced manufacturing services.....More

  • Al Tajamouat for Touristic Projects

    The Al-Tajamouat for Touristic Projects Company operates in the leisure and recreation sector of Jordan. The Company owns and operates the Al- Tajamouat Lifestyle Centre (Al Taj).....More

  • Acquisition of QCon

    In September 2009, a consortium comprising Bank Alkhair, Qatar America Asia Consortium (QAAC).....More