Khalid Sager Shaheen

Mr. Khalid Shaheen is currently a Board member and the Chairman of the Audit Committee of National Finance House and a Board member of BFC Group Holdings in Bahrain.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shaheen held various high level positions in prominent financial institutions in Bahrain, including Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bahraini Saudi Bank; General Manager, Bahrain Development Bank; Domestic Banking Group Head, Shamil Bank; and Vice President - Corporate Banking, Gulf International Bank. Mr. Shaheen also held a series of Board and Committee memberships in various organizations in Bahrain's public and private sectors, including member of the Industrial Committee of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry; member of the Islamic Banking & Takaful Task Force, Central Bank of Bahrain; member of the Executive Committee of the Bahrain Association of Banks; member of the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee, Government of Bahrain's Pension Fund Commission; member of the Board and the Executive Committee, Bahrain Atomisers International; Board member, Shamil Bank of Bahrain; Board member, Bahrain Institute of Technology. Additionally, Mr. Shaheen served as a Board member of Shamil Bank in Yemen and member of the Board and the Audit Committee of FALCOM Financial Services in Saudi Arabia.            

Mr. Shaheen holds a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas, USA, and he is a Fellow at the Institute of Directors, UK. 

Number of years of experience: Over 30 years